Account(1 Peter 4: 4-5)

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Wherein they think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you: who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead. (1 Peter 4: 4-5)


It is a big consolation that our life will be given account. If our life is decided by only visible things, we could say that Christians is miserable, because they were already given an advance notice of suffering. They can be happy for the reason that they sure their rewards in keeping account the life.


The libertine in the world would think that there is no date of account of their life, but think that the life in this world is everything. So, they try to get all things they want here. People make every effort for holding many materials, honor, power, and knowledge, because the world requires these. However, in the process there are many side effects on account of the drastic ways people use when they can’t acquire what they want; they serve other people a trick, sometimes become a robber, and even kill their selves by way of excuse of no hope.


The account doesn’t mean just simple settlement of accounts. Settling set put a point of view at how much made a profit in the end, but the account set at the process. Yes, it is important for Christian to live sincerely each day than to leave many things. We can find its evidence in the Bible as much as we want.


Stephen was a deacon and a distinguished evangelist, but he was killed by stoning people. If he was judged as simple figure, he would receive little reward from the Lord. God will give reward to him through much time he had lived just for the Lord. This is a big consolation to us making us happy in hardships, and even it makes us grand in the face of death.


The account makes us be tense too; because the day is coming that we have to explain everything to the Lord. He will see all things; what we think, what we act, and what we experience, so we must be careful. How do you think about our features? Remember that the Lord want us live without regrets making ourselves ready for future.


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