Ye younger Ⅱ(1 Peter 5:7)

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Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. (1 Peter 5:7)


The Bible continues to encourage younger to casting all their care upon the Lord. The biggest weapon for them might the spirit of challenge. If there is no challenge for them, they would be as good as dead. It’s their privilege but not for every younger. Because there is something in the presence of them; it is anxiety and fear. If a younger don’t live a life of challenge, it is clear that he is full of anxiety and fear. These are like poison for them.


The Bible prescribes for them to entrust their all anxiety to the Lord. In fact, it is not easy to place something in the hands of God. It is possible when we trust the Lord entirely. However, it doesn’t mean that we simply pass our burden on the Lord because it is irresponsible action both for him and for ourselves.


Then, what situation makes anxiety? It will be made when we work for God as a Christian. Each time we works for God, the environment will block our way. It can be material or physical. These things get us to stop for the mean time and to do nothing for the Lord. So, the Bible says our all anxiety must be entrusted God.


Here, we have to remember that God always watches us. That is, he is together with us all the time. Look at Joseph. He was sold for a servant to Egypt and even became a criminal under sentence of death. However, he did his best every place he was and waited for the help of God. After all, he became the Premier of Egypt. He could live these life because he knew that God always be with him.


Yes, if you know that God always be with you, you would do your best in any environment. Many times of difficulty and pain happen incessantly but mature Christians will never remain firm in those situations and will manage their duties with more virile spirit. Stopping their life with anxiety is a conduct unbecoming to younger. Place your all anxiety in the hands of God. He will care our every situation.


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