The elders Ⅶ(1 Peter 5:4)

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And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away. (1 Peter 5:4)


Why many people work devotedly for the Lord? The answer is simple; they have a desire. If they cannot make any good a loss, we could say they are so stupid. Then, what is their desire? The Bible answers the question clearly. Their desire is to ‘receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.’


Anybody cannot receive the crown. It identifies special position. Yes, even though they are ridiculed and sneered in this world, they will receive a crown from the Lord and live a special life in the future. This change of position is our only hope.


Then, would God give these awards for every workers of the Lord? No, it wouldn’t. It is given only for workers who cope with their duties with loyalty. In other words, workers can receive a crown when they manage the works of God and be ensamples to the flock. Look at the pastors today. They take their many glories for granted. They accumulate of riches for themselves and make an effort to get honor. For those things, they make use of the believers and go on unfair way. Even if it is possible to get those things, they will not get any rewards in the future.


It is sure that the right evangelists undergo sufferings. If you live an easy and comfort life, you have to make a diagnosis of your life. For sure, it isn’t true that workers for God must live a painful life because the Lord always wants to give us everything and compensate for a loss. However, if he lives according to his own greed, desire, and belief having nothing to do with God’s will, he must get back his life. True servants of God don’t put their desire on this world and they are able to give up what the world give them. Today, how are we?

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