The elders Ⅴ(1 Peter 5:2)

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Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not y constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;(1 Peter 5:2)


It isn’t easy to do the works of God. So, we can see many believers confess that they sometimes want to quit their works for the Lord. It seems like optional to live this world as a servant of the Lord but it is true that it has the side of obligation because God put this work in charge of us according to his plan. The Bible shows the evidences.


Look at the disciples of Jesus. Nobody wanted to be his disciple by theirselves. Jesus called in person Peter who was catching fishes, John who was sewing fishing net, Matthew who was collecting taxes, and Paul who was persecuting Christians. It was in the Old Covenant, too. God called Abraham who was living a ordinary life, Moses who was dwelling in Median wilderness as a shepherd, and David who was raising sheep. And then he made them live as his servant. There are a large number of evidences in the Bible but in a word, all calling is from God and the receiver of it live as a servant of God.


We need to know how the servants of God work today. Many people think that doing works for God is a occupation. They think that they become works for God after learning about him, studying various kinds of skill and administration, working in a big church as a staff, and standing on his own legs from the church. Moreover, they think of church as a business hall, and decorate gorgeously and prepare for receiving a caller. The problem is that they get frustrated and even give up when there is little visitors in the churches. We know well the answer for the question ‘Is this a mind of God’s servant?’


Now, we can understand the meaning ‘not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind.’ It says not only that we can’t look for any gains of the world because this is the works for God, but also that it causes dangerous results when our individual greed. Living as a worker for God doesn’t mean plentiful life or honor but means a devoted life. This is a shape of ready one. A ready leader applies the service of the Lord to his life for works of God. Are we together with ready workers?


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