The elders Ⅳ(1 Peter 5:2)

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Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not y constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;(1 Peter 5:2)


Do you think that there is a person who do the God’s work by constraint? Absolutely, the answer is ‘yes’. The Bible and many people around us show the evidence. For sure, nobody would do the works by constraint if we can preach the gospel and keep beautiful company with believers in good circumstances. However, the God’s work give us sufferings rather than happiness. So, many servants of God want to return to their old position as long as possible. But you, having a firm belief, will know well that you can never give up your work.


We can find a prophet who didn’t follow the way of the Lord in the Old Covenant. He is Jonah. He had to go to Nineveh, the city of gentiles, and preach the gospel according to the order of God, but he rejected it and chose the way of Joppa. However, he went to Nineveh as the Lord make a plan after all. But the next is more important. He was extremely obstinate as ever and followed not the will of God but his own thinking. We can see that he was a servant of God but he carried out the works he given by constraint.


Doing the works of God by constraint causes side effects as a matter of course. It is like going up a flowing river. The principles of the world are the same one. If you try to doing what you don’t want or what you can’t manage, you would be exhausted soon. Moreover, it might give people around you pains. We have to remember that every works by constraint can’t make beautiful result. For sure, doing by constraint is different from patience. Patience is so heavy but holds hope. Doing by constraint, in the other hand, has no hope.


The person who is taking charge of the works of God must perform his duties with pleasure. It means that he determines about these things by himself and does his best. The motive of it is on the future. If there is no future for him, there would be no reason of bringing hardships upon himself. However, many believers preached the gospel with love of sacrifice because they knew well about appointed future and fairly certain compensation of the Lord. We have to seize this promise. It will makes us mature and be equal to the task with delight.


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