The elders Ⅲ(1 Peter 5:2)

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Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; (1 Peter 5:2)


Another role of the elder is taking the oversight. People think supervisors exercise of power, but they just keep watch and point out whether something goes uprightly. It is very important work in churches of God, because churches can’t be founded strongly on the words of God if these works go wrong.


The elders were given these roles of supervisors. For sure, we know well that the duties were given to gospel preachers who take charge of the words of God. Like this, the reason of emphasizing the role of supervisors is not only for preaching but for taking a good look at believer’s fruits and helping them to walking the way of faith. We have to know that it is never for exercise of power.


The Bible says Christian saints are the flock of God. The flock can’t find a way by themselves; they just follow the voice of shepherds. The shepherd is Jesus Christ for Christian, of course. He is talking to us through the Bible even now, and saints are living the life of belief by these words. However, all of us couldn’t walk the sound way; sometimes we leave from the way and become a lost sheep. For these sheep, the elders are needed.


It is not easy to act the role of supervisors. It means they can’t look off from them even a moment and they must watch all their life; concern and suffering, and all happiness. It doesn’t mean interfering in their life, but paying attention to them in silence, praying for them always, and helping for their plentiful life by supplying the words of God.


Look at the fake shepherds. They destroy homes, take another’s property, and confuse the soul with reason of supervision. It can’t be the figure of true shepherd. Supervising rightly as an elder is to helping saint to live a plentiful life. If we restrict their life and make their faith sufferings, it isn’t an upright guidance as a supervisor. We must remember that true preachers have to help saint always be happy.

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